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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Treason is the reason

The United States Matrixed Mafia Government sat on these patents since Stanley Meyer filed them.
They are expiring or expired now...
so guess who is not for the American people!

They have, thereby, demonstrated treasonous conspiratorial behavior and should be given a 4 hour massage, forgiveness, and a job application for employment with a new company that doesn't hate humans like The United States Government obviously DOES.... and has proven it repeatedly!

I said that Truth with my constitutionally approved freedom of speech rights as a veteran.

The "White House" is, therefore, Metro Golden Mayor; Hollywood East, GodFather Smoke and Mirrors Matrix Capital Capitol of the whirled.

I bet you like my attitude, right?

Now, consider this. Since Americans, as we call ourselves, killed the indigenous and or enslaved them, they have sinned against humanity and lost all title to any land on earth, therefore. Centered upon a Constitution that guarantees Life, Liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness, I claim and state that along with sexual, age, race, religion and gender protection, we are all, henceforth, freed from location discrimination. I am an earth person. I can be located anywhere on Earth and I am still an Earth person. No one on earth has any God given or otherwise contrived right to pass judgment on my behavior based upon location. The fact that I am within the illusionary psychosis boundary concept psychic prison of culturally deluded idiots does not therefore convey any right upon them to invade my privacy and my hello CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS. ARE YOU FRICKEN HEARING ME PEOPLE! SO, EVERYONE, STAY OUT OF EVERYONES FACE. Respect is a new continent.

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