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Stanley Allen Meyer Water Fuel Cell Electrostatic Catastrophic Covalent Bond Dissociation Physics Explained Ravi Raju Dave Lawton Jean Louis Naudin, replications [SUCCESSFUL] WFC HHO

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stanley Meyer Jean Louis Naudin OverUnity Water Fuel Cell

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M6 The dielectric constant of water is high (78.4 at 25°C)
The high dielectric constant of water and its small molecular size both combine to endow water with the strong ability to dissolve salts. Polar molecules, where the centers of positive and negative charge are separated, possess dipole moment. This means that in an applied electric field, polar molecules tend to align themselves with the field.

Stanley Meyer Duplications: Ravi Raju, Lawton, Jean Louis Naudin

Stanley Meyer Jean Louis Naudin OverUnity Water Fuel Cell

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Breakthrough, Improvements, Horizontal Perforated Stainless Tubing Improves Circulation, Throughput, Rising Gases create more Buoyancy Convection Energy

Note: Lowers Capacitance because of lower outer effective surface area.

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I know the late Andrija Puharich found that water, when bubbled at a current of 600 cycles per second, had the highest efficiency of disruption to the gaseous state. This is intriguing because John Keely stated that water could be disrupted at 610, 620 and 12,000 cps....with the most effective frequency being 42.8 khz.

One of the other problems with burning hydrogen as fuel, it burns very, very rapidly, so it is harder to get a decent thrust with it. So I am told by Dr. William A. Rhodes, the TRUE discoverer of what is erroneously called 'Brown's Gas'.
There are ways you can mix in outside air along with OXYGEN and hydrogen to expand the duration of the combustion to provide more thrust.
Best documented and proven by Dad Garrett and son here in Dallas in 1935 with their 4 cylinder automobile that ran on water from White Rock Lake...the trick is a carburetor fed from a hydrolysis unit containing 25% battery acid (sulphuric) continually mixed with 75% improve conduction....also textured plates with as many points as possible since gas squeezes off these points.
Yes, oxygen is on the positive pole and hydrogen on the negative, but you let them mix together, then add a variable mixture of outside air (78% nitrogen & other gases), along with a very light vapor from the water, which is exploded in the you rid yourself of hydrogen embrittlement (making the metal brittle from suffusion of pure hydrogen gas) and you increase the thrust by extending the gas mixture explosion.

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